"When the team needs to become more creative and innovative, look to Daniel. He can stretch the team’s thinking for the future and inspire new ideas that can lead to high performance."
CliftonStrengths | Domain: Strategic Planning | Themes: Input, Ideation, Intellection, Futuristic & Strategic

"Daniel holds a sense of single-minded purpose and need to see concrete results. He is dynamic and direct, and tends to think, plan and consider more than most."
DiSC | Sub-Factors: Efficiency, Independence & Thoughtfulness

"Daniel is energetic, distinctive and driven. He desires significance and legacy.
Enneagram | Type Indicator: 4w3

"Daniel consistently scores above average in his abilities to respect the viewpoints of others, limiting his intellectual overconfidence, separating his ego from his intellect and in his willingness to revise his viewpoints."
Snow Academy | Intellectual Humility Report: 86.67/100

"Daniel wants to get things done on time, and will do pretty much whatever it takes to do so. Daniel is creative, loves to learn, enjoys a varied routine and likes to feel an adrenaline rush now ant then. He wants his work to make an impact on the world around him."
Motivators Assessment | Top Motivator: Excelling | Top Identity: The Thinkers

"Daniel prides himself on his inventiveness and creativity, unique perspective, and vigorous intellect."
Myers-Briggs | INTP-T, Logician

"Daniel is turned on by big ideas, is easily board with minutia and is consumed by the need to create and achieve."
Predictable Success | Visionary

"Daniel is an out-of-the-box thinker, undaunted by failure. A natural-born leader who challenges the status quo."
Predictive Index | Maverick

"Daniel approaches his work selectively, focusing on the tasks that will give the highest reward for the time invested. He applies a focused and consistent approach to work, able to concentrate on a single task, even in the presence of distracting information. However, he tends to be slower and more critical when judging the fairness of social situations."
Pymetrics | Most Unique Categories: Effort, Focus & Fairness

"Daniel finds innovative thinking and problem solving exciting. He tends to be able to see the big picture and able to effectively analyze situations. Thinking outside the box is a real strength."
Real Colors | Primary: Green | Secondary: Orange