1. Successes
    1. Only four American nonprofit executives have ever received a prestigious International Stevie medallion. Daniel is one of them.
    2. Honored by Creative Loafing, the International Business Awards, Tampa Bay Business Journal, Tampa Bay CEO Magazine & Tampa Bay Technology Forum.
    3. MBA, Leading the Customer-Driven Organization
  2. Latest Courses
    1. The Path of Moral Leadership: Hard-Edged Skills to Start Building a Better World, Acumen Academy, 2020
    2. Supercharging Remote Teams, Snow Academy, 2020
    3. Real Skills Conference, Akimbo Workshops, 2020
    4. Nonprofit Board Governance Certificate, Nonprofit Leadership Center, 2019
    5. Courageous Conversations: Beyond Diversity, Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, 2019
  3. Latest Reading
    1. Upstream, Dan Heath, 2020
    2. Dream Teams, Shane Snow, 2020
    3. Talking to Strangers, Malcolm Gladwell, 2020
Communication (& Digital Media)
  1. Successes
    1. In addition to serving as Tampa Bay's iHeartRadio On-Air Technology Expert, Daniel is a sought-after speaker and trainer.
    2. Honored by Creative Loafing and the Tampa Bay Business Journal.
    3. BA, Marketing
  2. Latest Courses
    1. Presentation Principles, Duarte, 2020
    2. Podcasting, Akimbo Workshops, 2020
    3. Certificate Program, Social Media Manger School, 2020
    4. The Story Skills Workshop, Akimbo Workshops, 2019
    5. The Marketing Seminar, Akimbo Workshops, 2019
  3. Latest Reading
    1. DataStory, Nancy Duarte, 2020
    2. This is Marketing, Seth Godin, 2020
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  1. Successes
    1. Daniel co-founded Florida's first undergraduate entrepreneurship degree program and seed-stage accelerator fund. He also hired the first Creative-in-Residence at a U.S. Business School.
    2. Honored by Florida Trend, Tampa Bay Times, University of South Florida, and the U.S. Small Business Administration.
    3. MS, Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies
  2. Latest Courses
    1. Platform Strategy Masterclass, The Platform Institute, 2020
    2. Product Masterclass: How to Build Digital Products, Product School, 2020
    3. Idea Maker Course, Straight Up Business Institute, 2020
    4. Where to Play, edX, 2020
    5. USASBE National Conference, USASBE, 2020
  3. Latest Reading
    1. The Invincible Company, Alex Osterwalder et al., 2020
    2. The Remote Design Sprint Guide, Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky and Jackie Colburn, 2020
    3. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Risk and Decisions, Thom Pittz & Eric Liguori, 2020
    4. Quit to Start, Allen Clary, 2020